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Chachuna Reserve

Chachuna Nature Reserve offers savannah-like landscapes, arid woodlands and semi-deserts. Raptors, such as Long-legged Buzzard and Levant Sparrowhawk soar over golden hills. Large aggregations of Rose-coloured Starlings and Eurasian Bee-eaters fill the sky and Short-toed Snake-eagles circle above. Black Francolins can be seen amongst the riparian forest vegetation while Mediterranean Tortoises rest in the sun nearby. Chachuna hosts all the species that can be seen at Davit Gareji plus additional species of interest, including: White-throated Robin, Finch’s Wheatear, Red-tailed Wheatear, Blue Rock Thrush, various species of warblers, Rock Nuthatch, Lesser Grey and Woodchat Shrikes.
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